AAD 74th Annual Meeting, International Sessions

Event Details

Sri Lanka College of Dermatologists is planning to conduct a pre-congress session on “Challenges in diagnosis and treatment of dermatoses in Tropical Sri Lanka” at the AAD 74th Annual Meeting, International Sessions on Thursday, March 3, 2016 at Convention Center, Washington, D.C.

This session aims to discuss infections and other dermatological disorders in skin of colour (type V skin) with special emphasis on the Sri Lankan perspective. The presentations will be based on research
done in Sri Lanka and case series from Sri Lankan dermatologists. The topics to be covered include: Mutilating facial infections and other dermatoses, the challenges in both diagnosis and treatment,
cutaneous lymphoma: in epidemic proportions in Sri Lanka? (clinical presentations and challenges in management with special emphasis on hypopigmented mycosis fungoides), an overview of epidemiology and clinical presentations of leprosy in Sri Lanka, successes and challenges in the National Leprosy Control Programme and deep fungal infections seen in Sri Lanka.

The target audience would be general dermatologists and young physicians with a special interest in tropical dermatoses.